Buccaneer Bar&Barbecue |2010

Logo: buccaneer

Layout: buccaneer menucard & flyer
Logo: buccaneer

Jingo De Lunch Legendary Punk-Rock Combo |2010

Artwork/Logo: Jingo poster

poster shot
Illustration: Jingo poster2

Phoenix Artwork Fashion-Illustration |2010

Illustration: chinese phoenix

Core-Tex Legendary Kreuzberg Records Store |2010

Layout: CoreTex-Flysheet /coverside

Layout: CoreTex-Flysheet /inside

Asocials Associated Apparel Label |2010

Whole Concept: Asocials Associated ©

Layout: Asocials Associated ©

Illustration: Asocials Associated ©
Artworks: Pin-buttons, Asocials Associated ©

Radio Skateboards Apparel & Hardware Label |2009
Artworks: Radio Skateboards ©

IriedailyKreuzberg Apparel Label |2001-07

Artworks: Iriedaily ©

Layouts: Iriedaily ©

Layouts: Iriedaily ©

Layouts: Iriedaily ©

Layouts: Iriedaily ©
Layouts: Iriedaily ©

Encode Fashion Fashion Label |2008-10
Draws: Encode Fashion

Artworks: Encode Fashion
Draws: Encode Fashion

Streetlife Booking & Apparel Label |2007
Whole concept/Artwoks/Labelling: Streetlife - clothing company
Layout: Streetlife - clothing company

Autodidakt Rap Artist |2010
Artwork: Autodidakt (Rap-Artist)

Urban Majik Johnson Music Group from Hamburg |2009
Logo: Urban Majik Johnson

Kreuzberg36 Tee-shirt Artwork |2007
Artworks: Kreuzberg

Kindl Gesindel Tee-shirt Artwork |2010
Artwork: Kindl Gesindl

Alte Liebe Skateboard-photos Exhibition |2008
Artwork: Alte Liebe

FXT Rookie Messenger Alleycat Copenhagen |2008
Artwork: FXT-Rookie/Alleycat CPH

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Tee-shirt Artwork/project |2009
Artwork: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Kaisa Rap Artist |2007
Artworks: Kaisa/Kaisa und Monstas

Detlef D Soost-Dance School Flyer/Poster/Entrycard |2008
Layouts: Detlef D Soost

Growing Movement Dance Artists Community |2007
Layouts: groovin movement

Yaam Another Legenday Yaam Event |2007
Layout: rumble in the jungle - yaam

Russian League Basketball Various Sketches |2007
Artworks: Russian League Basketball

Pablo Sketches Tee-shirt Artworks |2007
Artworks: Pablo Escobar

Aggronym Sketches Apparel Label Project |2007
Logo: Aggronym

Dub Engineers Reggae Combo fron Berlin |2007
Logo: Dub Engineers

VitaminB Logo Sketches Network Fair for Professinals-Project |2008
Logos: vitamin B

Fix Gear Bike Sketch Tee-shirt Artworks |2010
Artwork: fixy

Font Sketch Own Font Design |2008
Typo: Futuristic Alphabet

Caricatures Political Illustrations |2010

"B-Boyz With Red Hatz" Artistic Illustration |2009
Hand-draw 01

"Red Cap" Artistic Illustration |2009
Hand-draw 02

"Any Red Hat Necessary" Artistic Illustration |2009
Hand-draw 03

"Spray" Hand Drawing |2010
Hand-draw 04

"Drink" Hand Drawing |2010
Hand-draw 05

"Smoke" Hand Drawing |2010
Hand-draw 06

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